The Autumn Art Festival

NEWCOMER 2017 – Follow-up by SRV / Saarland – Germany

The idea of The Autumn Art Festival goes back to the year 2010 when the former guitarist of the Trier indie-rock Band Nanny Goat Dominik Lermen started to write acoustic songs in his own tiny kitchen. Actually, these songs were never meant to be released or to be presented to an audience. Just for his pleasure he started to write songs about people, about live and death and asked himself questions about how to live and how to let live. On demand of a friend he presented three of his songs to an audience in a small bar in Saarbrücken. Feedback was great and the number of shows in the local area increased. In summer 2013 he travelled Scotland with guitarist Sascha Grub and played shows in the mostknown Scottish cities. Just a few months earlier, in Mai 2013, The Autumn Art Festival released its first album Costumes And Such Of That Kind on Musopia Music and on the online label Aerostat Records. The album is a mix of a multitude of influences ranging from classical folk to pop and indie but always reflecting a certain shade of an autumnal atmosphere. Besides his solo shows The Autumn Art Festival is supported by musicians from Saarbrücken’s Nauwieser quarter. Since summer 2013, a permanent companion on this adventures is Sascha Grub, guitarist and singer of the indie band Captain Volleyball.