Site Officiel : Inpolaroid.de
Facebook : Inpolaroid

Booking – Mgmt : Anastasia Tserea

NEWCOMER 2017 – Follow-up by LAG Rock & Pop RLP – Germany

inPolaroid delivers cleverly arranged pop music with incredible joy and energy. The six musicians from Rhineland-Palatinate live pop music. Sometimes acoustic and clean, then playful, or with large arrangements. It’s always handmade and cinematic. Motivated by the big and the small things, they tell stories from everyday life. Song by song they create a panorama of personal snapshots. The band lays down the foundation and creates musical environments, reminiscent of film scenes „In concerts we want to create an immersive atmosphere that allows listeners to forget the world around them. The cinema experience – but with pop music.“ On special evenings inPolaroid cooperates with visual artist Sarah Kiefer and the violin- duo Levent & Bernie. Kiefer’s short-films coupled with the orchestral addition to the band constitute an immersive experience for musicians and audience alike.