Multipistes Network x Sonic Visions 2017 : on your marks, get set, go!

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It all began in 2008 with a first, almost spontaneous edition, and over the past nine years it developed into one of the most important music events in Luxembourg and the Greater Region: Sonic Visions Music Festival & Conference highlights topics which concern artists and other players from the music industry while presenting the audience […]

Screaming fields 2017 : call for entries opens on the 31st of March

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Monitored by ROCKLAB since 2010, Screaming fields is more than a festival. It relies on a nationwide cooperation of organizations concerned with the Youth of Luxemburg which have teamed up to identify and support young bands.  The 8 finalists, aged 12 to 25, will be selected by a public voting and a jury by the […]

Touring opportunities, next door

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Where do I find the contact information for venues, clubs and festivals ? Thanks to rough data supplied by members of the multipistes network, carefully sorted and implemented., The Greater Region Live Music Directory – built, developed and powered by Rockhal’s Rocklab – is going to prove helpful, It enables you to identify promoters and […]

Artist support programme: back on track!

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In early January, L’Autre Canal Nancy hosted the launching module of the renewed Multipistes artist support programme. Coined Multipistes Intensive Course, this first session triggers of a whole series of workshops and training sessions that await the bands and artists selected for this year’s programme all throughout the Greater Region. The Intensive Course is built […]

The other scene of Belgium : Flanders

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The showcase festival GLIMPS takes place for the 5th time this year in GHENT – GAND. It had started as a showcase festival in 2011 with the ambition to established itself as a prevalent showcase festival in Europe. To do so, Glimps has quickly worked on a conference section, broadening horizons on a professional level, […]

Alternative music : a simple definition

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When the term “alternative” first came into widespread use in the 1980s, it initially stood for music that wasn’t easy to assign to one of the existing sections at your local record store. Much like how “punk” originally encompassed acts as disparate as the Ramones, Talking Heads and Blondie – the next generation of artists […]

We are united

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L’AUTRE CANAL – as a founding member of the Multipistes network – expresses its solidarity to all the victims’families and conveys more specifically its sincere condoleances to both families and colleagues of the professionals of the music sector mown down by the barbarity of friday’s attacks at Le Bataclan. Our thoughts are with the teams […]

Fluctuat nec mergitur means ‘It is beaten by the waves but does not sink’

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This is Paris city motto. In the aftermath of the second terror attack to hit the city in less than a year, whereas colleagues and music lovers lost their lives, we must do our best to overcome sadness and anger. Because, for the whole of us at Multipistes network, music is the concern of our […]

Sonic Visions: our Music Conference & Festival, next door

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Since its very beginning in 2008, Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival has developed into one of the Rockhal’s annual key events where the music industry actually gets to meet the artist and vice-versa. The 2015 edition awaits you with a series of hands-on workshops, theme-oriented panels with high-profile speakers and a bunch of networking […]

Multipistes Official Series is proud to present…

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Multipistes Official Series is proud to present…

MULTIPISTES SHOWCASE NIGHT has offered since 2012 the opportunity to discover talented newcomers from the whole Greater Region. Each session stages up to 7 bands, performing a 20-minute-set. Hosted alternatively by Rockhal and L’Autre Canal, it has along the years become more and more popular amongst a crowd of independant music lovers. It now regularly […]